GROUP COACHING

Maq Ele' is available to work with teams, organizations and businesses that desire support outside of a one or two-day group facilitation.
Maq Ele' is available to provide successive sessions, via webinar or in person, to allow for more intensive team building, conflict resolution, professional development and leadership training.

Group coaching is recommended if your team, staff, organization, business, etc. is in severe breakdown- experiencing low morale, poor performance and experiencing no buy-in from your members.  
                                        WOMEN SUPERVISORS 
Maq Ele' offers individual coaching for women supervisors who desire to tap into their creative leadership and supervise from a place of vision; while making a significant impact within and outside of the lives of their staff.

Specialities include:

  - New Supervisors
  - Supervisors experiencing challenges leading staff 
  - Supervisors who are intimidated by their staff

Clients who work with Maq Ele' can expect to:

 -  Discover and put into action their professional vision
 -  Tap into and express their leadership power
 -  Learn tools to empower their staff to discover and live
     their own professional vision